We bootstrap software startups.

Every six months, VCNinc invests up to $120k and tons of resources into one lucky startup.

Unlike other accelerators, we don't care about your team's qualifications. We care about your idea.

No "we'll mentor you" nonsense - we give you the resources you really need:

Up to $120k in funding

Plus guidance on how to spend it most effectively.

Full legal compliance package

Including free legal advice, plus trademark and utility patent services.

Turbochared infrastructure

Up to $30k in AWS credit to help your application scale.

World-class marketing team

To get your startup in front of as many eyes as possible.


Solid2FA - an innovative two-factor authentication app that uses virtual phones to receive 2FA codes via SMS. Solves many of the security problems in current 2FA systems.    105k + Full Package


BoostYT - software that uses big-data insights to help YouTube content creators to manage their audience and maximize advertising revenue.    60k + Full Package  Closed

BillWise - an online bill payment platform that analyzes your bills and makes intelligent recommendations to save you money.    30k + Basic Package


LOOP - a custom version of the Android OS designed specifically for ultra-low-cost tablets and phones. LOOP sold a high-power tablet computer for $99.    45k + Full Package  Successful Exit

POARDS - a unique note-taking application that uses smart "pods" to minimize keystrokes nescesarry to display data in a meaninful way.    20k + Basic Package  Successful Exit

Think you have what it takes?